One of the most crucial aspects of lawn care is lawn mowing. It has an effect on the growth of the plants on the lawn as well as the appearance of the grass. When we talk about a well-kept lawn vs an untidy lawn, one of the factors that determines how ‘fully kempt’ the lawn is is lawn mowing. Allowing a lawn to go for an extended period of time without mowing will eventually have it looking so horrible that you would be better off with no lawn at all. The aim of all of this is to demonstrate how crucial mowing is in grass management. Simply said, the one thing you must remember while creating a lawn is that you will have to mow it at some point. In reality, as a lawn owner or manager, you should anticipate to mow your lawn on a frequent basis if you want to keep it looking nice. The onus is then on you to figure out how you intend to mow your lawn.

There are numerous approaches you can take when mowing your grass. However, in the end, each of these methods can be classed as either manual or mechanical. And we notice that many people who are thinking of installing lawns are unsure of the best approach to go about lawn mowing. To be sure, there is no disputing the fact that mechanical lawn mowing is less demanding than manual lawn mowing. Manual lawn mowing is one of the most exhausting chores a person can do. So the mechanization of lawn mowing makes it considerably less tiresome. On the other hand, there is no disputing the fact that robotic lawn mowing is more effective, as the machines used for the purpose are far more thorough than even the most astute of us can ever be.

However, the machines used in lawn mowing are not always inexpensive when it comes to the purchasing price. Their operating expenses are also high: they must be fueled in some way, either by electricity or by fossil fuel, and neither of these energy options is cheap.

All of this leaves many people perplexed as to when they should consider automating their lawn mowing functions.

As it turns out, there are three things to consider when deciding whether or not to automate lawn mowing. The first consideration is lawn size: some lawns are simply too tiny to justify the purchase of a mechanical mower for use on them (unless one happens to have a mechanized mower they can easily hire). The second consideration is the type of vegetation cultivated on the lawn, as certain species of vegetation lend themselves better to automated mowing than others. The third consideration is cost – if you can afford to buy (or rent) a lawn mower and what the operating costs will be. However, this must be done in comparison, because while purchasing and operating a lawn mower may appear to be expensive, it may turn out that attempting to mow the grass manually would be more expensive- either in terms of labor expenses or time opportunity cost. The latter relates to what you may accomplish elsewhere during the time you choose to devote to manual lawn mowing, as opposed to what you save by going about your lawn mowing manually.